How to Write Tables in Papers?

Experimental data of papers are presented in a table, figure, and text. A table can list large amounts of numerical values in a small space, and its superior to a lengthy explanation in the text when data are extensive. Therefore, a table should be prepared well.

How to write table? Here are some valuable tips:Write Tables in Papers – Writing Tips

1. Design table to fit the columns of the journal. Most journals have two columns per page, some have one column, and a few have three columns.
2. Keep the table simple and easy to follow.
3. Do not waste large amounts of empty space in the body of a table. Large amounts of space in data section usually indicate poor design.
4. Round the data to the nearest significant figures.
5. Arrange the columns to facilitate comparison of the data. Comparison between adjacent vertical column are easier than between horizontal rows.
6. Ask yourself: Is the table necessary? Data that can be described equally well in the text should not be tabulated.

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How to Write Tables in Papers?