Creative Writing Exercise

What’s the difference between a writing prompts, story starters and creative writing exercises? Well, many people use them interchangeably, but below are some more detailed definitions. You can click on the titles to link to a sample collection of each.

Creative Writing PromptsCreative Writing Prompts

Prompts are designed as a kick in the butt, to get you rolling with your writing. Writer’s block? Forget it. Prompts can help you dig deeper into a story you’ve already started or head you off into a whole new direction. Writing prompts are the best for teachers who wish to get their students writing with no specific project in mind, but just to get their pens moving.

Story Starters

The name says it all. You want to start a new story, but the blank page an unforgiving void. A famous writer once said that she only started novel when, out of sheer desperation she forced herself to write a single paragraph. From that paragraph came the whole story. Story starters are designed to take the desperation out of the process and to get you to write that first hard paragraph, or to fill that first blank page. Story starters are meant to take you’re from nothing to the beginning of a great tale.

Creative Writing Exercises

You stretch before and after you go running. You do scales to warm up before playing the piano. Creative writing exercises are designed to loosen you up, to get your creative blood flowing, and to get your pen moving. You’re not necessarily going to get a great novel out of an exercise, but you’re bound to get a great idea. Writing exercises can get you excited about writing again. If you’re feeling intimidated writing chapter fifteen, doing an easy little exercise can help remind you of what you like about writing: the pleasure, the creative act, the spontaneity.